Erasmus at Gal Ferenc Foiskola - Bekescsaba

Hunnyadi Endre - Incoming Student from USAMV Cluj-Napoca,
Faculty of Horticulture, MSc Agribusiness
Erasmus period: 2018.Oct.08 – 2019.Feb.08
Courses:     Cultural Tourism, Business English, Presentation & Negotiation Skills, Project Management, Strategic Planning and Management, Multicultural Management, Marketing

If it would be to summarize the experience at Gal Ferenc Foiskola (GFF) – Bekescsaba, it was a mixture of intercultural learning with a flexible approach.

-    Superb student room at Alma Mater Hostel
-    Playing football with teachers and fellow students
-    Free Gym
-    East European living costs
-    Friendly people from students to gatekeepers to teachers
-    Flexible approach
-    Courses available in Hungarian and English
-    Amazing food
-    Beautiful city

-    no wifi in room
-    lack of student/campus life

It is worth mentioning that the partnership between Universities was a recently made, therefore all the Erasmus procedures were rather fresh for the hosting school. Taking in consideration the above, they still managed to offer to an Erasmus student a great experience in a very adaptable and professional manner.

Special thanks goes to Mathe Ilona who helped on all phases of the Erasmus experience, always answering the phone, always available to help. Jarmi Jozsef who facilitated with the internet options. Csefko Monika for making integration easier and dealing in a professional matter about the Erasmus dossier. All the teachers and all personnel of Gal Ferenc Foiskola who made this experience a very welcoming one.
Would definitely recommend for East European students who are eager to increase knowledge about Business and Economics.  
Hunnyadi Endre

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